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Looking for your next origami project? Whether you are new to origami or have been folding for many years, here you will find a large variety of instructional videos! Click one of the models to the left to get started or visit the videos page to browse through all of the videos! Happy folding!
Have you folded an origami model from one of these videos? Submit your photos here to be displayed in the new YouTube Gallery! Also, feel free to request models for future videos here.
User-Submitted Photos
Here are some of the latest photos that users have submitted to EZ Origami! Click on any of the photos to the right for more information and to learn how to fold it! Have you folded a model from one of my videos? If so, feel free to submit a photo here to be displayed in the new YouTube Gallery. Also, if you have folded any of my original designs, feel free to submit a photo here as well. Thank you all for the support! Keep up the good work.
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About EZ Origami
Evan Zodl is a nineteen-year-old origami artist and student pursuing a double major in Interactive Multimedia and Computer Science at The College of New Jersey. He has been folding for over eight years, and in an effort to share his passion with the world, he began making instructional origami videos on YouTube in 2008. Since that time, Evan (better known online as "EZ Origami") has taught origami to millions of people around the globe through his videos. In 2009, he began designing his own unique models. Much of his work is inspired by fractals, spirals, and recursive patterns found in nature. He aspires to publish an origami book featuring many of his original designs in the near future. More of Evan's work can be found in his YouTube Channel and Flickr Photostream.