50,000 Subscribers - Giveaway

About The Contest

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, I have put together a giveaway contest where users can submit a photo of any model they have folded from my videos. This contest is open to anyone who is subscribed to my channel (EZ Origami) on YouTube. Deadline for photo submissions is March 12, 2015 at 12PM EST. Note: This contest is limited to one entry per person. Also, if you're under 18 years old, please check with your parents before entering.


Each of the 5 winners will receive a copy of Meenakshi Mukerji's latest book, Wondrous One Sheet Origami (B&W Edition). The book features many of Meenakshi's original single-sheet designs, as well as designs by guest contributors: Evan Zodl, Dasa Severova, and Christianne Bettens. The designs range from simple to high-intermediate, so this book is perfect for anyone who is looking for something new to fold! Additionally, Meenakshi was generous enough to send me a signed model to include with each book. And since some of my designs featured in the book, I would like to do the same. So, each of the five winners of the contest will receive:

1) A copy of Wondrous One Sheet Origami (B&W Edition)
2) An original model folded and signed by Meenakshi Mukerji
3) An original model folded and signed by Evan Zodl


5 winners will be selected to receive the grand prize. In the first stage of judging, Meenakshi and I will select our top 25 entries. Judging criteria will include, but is not limited to: paper choice, quality of folding, originality, and overall photo quality. After the photo submission deadline (March 12, 2015), I will create a separate video featuring all of the photos submitted for the contest. Based on the top 25 models selected by Meenakshi Mukerji and I, users will then vote (in the comments section on YouTube) on which models they think deserve to win based on the criteria above. After a week of users voting on their favorite submissions, the votes will be tallied, and the winners will be announced soon after!


Below are some of the most recent contest entries. Click here to see all of the current photo submissions for the 50,000 subscriber giveaway.

How To Enter

Make sure you are subscribed to EZ Origami on YouTube. Then simply fill out the form below, and you will be eligible to win! Good luck, and I look forward to going through all of the photo submissions!



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