Flower Tessellation

Designed and Folded by Evan Zodl

I have been working on this design for the past few days, and I have to say that I am quite satisfied with the result! I originally started off designing an octagonal flower tessellation molecule from a square grid, but I had trouble finding a way to nicely tessellate it. Instead, I tried to find the triangle grid analogue of my original molecule, and after tessellating it, I came up with this tessellation!

This model was recently featured in the Surface to Structure origami exhibition at The Cooper Union in New York City. Find out more here!
  • tom

    pls can u show how to make this?????

    • ezorigami

      Thank you for your interest in my design. I don’t have any plans to make a video on this due to the complexity of the collapse. However, you can find the crease pattern over on the “Diagrams & CPs” page if you are interested ( http://ez-origami.com/diagrams/ ). If you get stuck or have any additional questions, feel free to contact me!