Logarithmic Spiral

Designed and Folded by Evan Zodl

This is the top view of this model here. For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with various new fractal designs. Originally I was actually going to post a picture of this design, but while trying to reproduce it for the picture, I came up with a completely different idea altogether-- and this is the result! I am really satisfied with the result of this model. As the title indicates, the concentric star design can be repeated forever (or at least until the paper becomes too small to work with). What I like most about this design is how efficiently the paper is used for each stage of stars. Even with a 30cm x 30cm square, I was able to cleanly fold 5 stages. I also find it interesting how the layers separate naturally to make the model 3-dimensional. If there is enough interest in this design, I would certainly consider releasing the CP. For anyone interested who is also attending the upcoming OrigamiUSA Convention, I would be more than happy to teach you how to fold this in person. Please let me know what you think! All comments are greatly appreciated!
  • Sudarshan

    Stunning Model! Hopefully you will get a chance to teach it, or publish it in your book soon!

  • Rafael Mu帽oz

    This is amazing! Can I please get the crease pattern just for me to try out this design? This is truly my favorite design out of the ones that you designed.

  • Daniel

    Hey, i love this origami, Can i get the cp pls? i want to try out.

  • Anja

    I love the design! Is it possible to get the CP, maybe also of
    your beautiful Fractal Star?

    • I sent the CP for the hexagonal version to your email! Happy folding!

  • John Valasek

    Hey, could I get the cp for this? I’ve been interested in folding this for a while

    • I’m happy to share the CP for the hexagonal version with you! Check your email!

      • John Valasek

        Awesome! Thanks!

  • Noah Harrowes

    Hey, would it be at all possible to get the cp too? My emails noahharrowes@gmail.com

  • Margaux PM

    Hi there! I would love to see the CP for this design if possible (: looks really interesting!

    • Thanks for your interest in my design! If you can give me your email address, I’d be happy to share the CP for the hexagonal version with you!

      • Margaux PM

        My email is margaux.pima@gmail.com (: I’m planning on incorporating something similar into my final art exam!
        Thank you!

        • Perfect, thank you. Good luck on your exam!

  • Spaghettified

    Could I get the cp to fold this? it seems neat

  • Spaghettified

    I’ve been trying to figure out how you made this for a while but I’m really not having any success. Do you think you could send the crease pattern so I could try it?

  • Andy Wei

    Hi! This model looks very beautiful, but I can’t figure out how to fold it myself. Can you send me the CP? My email is origamilover008@gmail.com

    • Sure, no problem! I sent the CP for the hexagonal version to your email!

  • Erick Hernandez

    Great design! Can I get the CP? I would love try it. My e-mail is ehehernandez031@gmail.com

    • Thanks for the kind words. I just sent the CP for the hexagonal version to your email!

  • krig

    What a great design! Could you please gently send me the CP? It would be really awesome to try it!

  • Pawe艂 Turalski

    Wow! It’s great model! Can you send me tutorial, please 馃榾 i want to fold it 馃槈 paweturalski@gmail.com

  • sila

    could you please sen me the CP? if it possible 馃檪 it is great work i really want to try 馃檪 silasirn@gmail.com thank you 馃檪

  • Kirk Perry

    Beautiful! I would love to get the CP as well. kirkhperry@gmail.com. Thanks!!

  • EM Origami

    Can I please have the crease pattern? My email is xxedward.mistrettaxx@gmail.com

  • Anyun Lu

    This is so wonderful. May I please have the crease pattern, too? My email is luise0920@gmail.com, Thank you!