In this video, you will learn how to make a paper dart from a sticky note. It’s super easy to fold, and all you need is a Post-it Note! I’ve received lots of requests for this design recently, so I decided to put together this quick tutorial. I will also show you how to throw sticky note darts. They can fly pretty quickly, so have fun and be careful!

These sticky note darts (also known as ceiling darts) have become very popular on TikTok recently due to videos of people folding and throwing them at the ceiling in school. If thrown correctly, they will actually stick to the ceiling.

If you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave a comment below! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Tutorial by Evan Zodl.

About the Author

Evan Zodl is an origami artist and instructor. He has been folding paper for over 10 years, and his designs have been featured in exhibitions and publications around the world. His has shared origami with millions of people through his EZ Origami YouTube channel.