New video! This time I’ll teach you how to fold an Origami Fasett Sonobe Kusudama designed by Maria Sinayskaya. For this model, you will need 30 square sheets of paper. I recommend using a 3″ square to fold this model. This will result in a model about 4.5″ wide. Once you’ve prepared your paper, you are ready to fold your Origami Fasett Sonobe Kusudama!

Submit Photos!

Have you folded this model? Submit photos of your completed model here to be displayed in the new YouTube Gallery! Special thanks to Maria Sinayskaya for granting me permission to create this video. Model demonstrated by Evan Zodl.

About the Author

Evan Zodl is an origami artist and instructor. He has been folding paper for over 10 years, and his designs have been featured in exhibitions and publications around the world. His has shared origami with millions of people through his EZ Origami YouTube channel.