I’m stoked to announce that I will be joining Ali Bahmani for the fourth session of Origami Talk on Sunday, June 7th! Origami Talk is a new series of conversations with origami artists led by Ali Bahmani. Each session includes a guided Q&A, followed by an open discussion with questions from viewers on Zoom.

Origami Talk

In my session, I will explain the process involved in creating origami tutorials from start to finish. I will discuss the benefits and challenges of teaching origami online, as well as the lessons I have learned in doing so for the past 12 years. I will also give some insight into my design process by sharing some of my original fractal, spiral, and recursive designs.

If you’d like to join us, feel free to grab your ticket on Eventbrite!

About the Author

Evan Zodl is an origami artist and instructor. He has been folding paper for over 10 years, and his designs have been featured in exhibitions and publications around the world. His has shared origami with millions of people through his EZ Origami YouTube channel.