Hexagonal Logarithmic Spiral

Designed and Folded by Evan Zodl

Designed and folded June 2012. Folded from an hexagon cut from a 30cm x 30cm sheet of Nicolas Terry's tissue foil.

This is the hexagonal version of my original Logarithmic Spiral design.

Although the hexagonal version doesn't show off the spiraling nature of this design, I find it to be very interesting as well. Interestingly, the original octagonal version exhibits logarithmic properties (which is why it is possible to create so many stages), while this hexagonal version exhibits exponential properties (meaning that each additional stage is one half of the size as the stage below it).

I also taught a class on this model at the recent OrigamiUSA Convention. Thanks to all of those who came, I had a great time! I have finished the crease pattern for this model and I am also working on diagrams as well! Stay tuned for more information!

Please let me know what you think! All feedback is greatly appreciated!