Origami Connected (José Meeusen) – Book Review

3,104 views • Uploaded on December 9, 2022 by Evan Zodl

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In this video, I review José Meeusen's new book, "Origami Connected". It includes diagrams for over 37 of José's original modular, geometric, and representational designs.

Buy your copy of "Origami Connected" here. By purchasing a copy of the book through this affiliate link, you are directly supporting José and my YouTube channel. :)

Be sure to check out José's Instagram here.

Congratulations to José and everyone else involved in making this book a reality! Specifically Ali Bahmani, Ilan Garibi, John Farrell, and all of my origami friends-- you did a great job. I know how important creating this book was to José, so it makes me happy to finally have a physical copy of it.
Video tutorial by Evan Zodl.