Origami Preliminary Base

18,742 views • Uploaded on January 21, 2015 by Evan Zodl

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3 minutes

1 square
In this video, I demonstrate how to fold an Origami Preliminary Base. The Kite Base is used very commonly in origami. For example, it can be used to fold models such as the traditional Origami Crane and Flapping Bird. It can also be used to fold more complex models such as my Logarithmic Spiral and my 8-Pointed EZ Star.
This video is one of many included in my new Origami Basics Series. Whether you are new to origami or just looking to brush up on the basics, this will be the perfect series to get you started! In addition to the Preliminary Base, you can learn to fold the Bird, Blintz, Fish, Kite, and Waterbomb bases. Other videos in this series include traditional models such as the Crane and Flapping Bird.
Video tutorial by Evan Zodl.